[Short Note]Navigating a Pandemic: The Resilience and Adaptability of UrbanCompany

As Covid-19 lockdowns swept across India on March 24, our operations at UrbanCompany came to a standstill. While most folks appreciated this decision by the government, many livelihoods suddenly came to a halt, including those of UrbanCompany service partners. Not only that, but many customers had broken appliances or other requirements at their home for which they needed Urban Company. Supporting our partners and customers was our number one priority.

During the unprecedented crisis, our team came together with a single purpose: to ensure that we could continue providing essential services to our customers and livelihood to our partners, while keeping everyone safe. We ideated, launched, and went live with a new system in just three weeks, enabling safe delivery of services. You can read more about our planning and execution here: https://tech.urbancompany.com/managing-hyperlocal-operations-during-a-pandemic-27d0867e123f.

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